Argumentative Essay About Ghosts

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Shelby Meeder
English 15
Mr. Goertel
December 2013
Are ghosts real? That is the question that most of society deliberates day after day. The true definition of a ghost is a soul or spirit of a deceased individual that can appear in visible form or other manifestations to the living. Ghosts are of the most common paranormal belief in the world. Most people believe in ghosts because of a personal experience, whether that was seeing or sensing an unexplained presence. Who wouldn’t want to believe that our beloved family members are looking for us?
Along with ghosts comes stories and eyewitnesses. When it comes to solid proof, the paranormal world does not have a good history. The only evidence to reported paranormal experience is eyewitnesses or pictures. Every domain of the paranormal relies deeply on the testimony of eyewitnesses. “The testimony of an eyewitness will often be the only evidence offered in a court of law” (Chambers). If an eyewitness is acceptable in a court of law, then why can’t it be acceptable for an apparition?
On September 19, 1936, the “brown lady” was sighted yet again. Colonel Loftus was visiting Raynham Hall in England for the holidays when he saw the brown lady. He told others of his experience and more people then came forward to say they too had seen a strange figure. Soon after this experience, a photo was captured. The photo of the brown lady is “believed to be one of the best and most convincing of all known ghosts photos” (Dennis & Cohen). Another ghost sighting happened in 1919, of the Goddard’s squadron which had served in WWI. A photo was taken of the squadron, and an extra ghostly face appears in the back of the airman placed in the top row. This figure is said to be Fr...

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