Ghettos : An Ongoing Problem Throughout History Essay

Ghettos : An Ongoing Problem Throughout History Essay

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Ghettos: An Ongoing Problem Throughout History
As Rosa Parks said, “As Americans, we still have many challenges to face and many more problems to overcome,”. One of those problems is segregation, which is the action of setting someone/something apart from others. Ghettos have played a major role in helping achieve segregation by separating the minorities from the majority; thus, making it hard for social mobility and equal opportunities for all. Ghettos first started with Jewish people and now have evolved into urban ghettos housing many minorities. This has lead to a rift between certain ethnicities. Not to mention that ghettos are always overcrowded and impoverished, causing the people who live there to fight amongst themselves. Ghettos were formed to segregate minorities and make it harder for them succeed in life.
The first ghettos started with the Jewish people in Venice Italy. They later evolved into ghettos in Nazi Germany. These ghettos were established to restrict the Jewish people 's behavior and keep them from the “pure” Aryan race. The ghettos were surrounded by walls to insure the separations of the two races. The majority of the ghettos had very harsh living conditions; therefore, many of the Jewish people died or became very weak. Hitler set up over 1000 ghettos to place many Jewish families in. Showing many that ghettoisation is an effective method that helped Hitler with his final solution. Ghettos were a preparatory phase for the Nazi to separate the Jewish people and everyone who were not Aryan. Hitler wanted to kill the Jewish race, creating ghettos to help with the mass genocide. The main purpose of ghettos being formed for the Jewish people was separation. Ghetto arrangements differed b...

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...ey will look for it in other places such as gangs. Having someone who is older to help make decisions that are rational. Will lead to more success for the minorities. Overall if everyone realizes this is a ongoing problem and take initiative, then sooner or later there will be equal opportunities for the minorities.
In conclusion, ghettos were made for segregation purposes only. The same way ghettos were made to keep the Jewish people form the Aryans, is the same way they were also made to keep minorities in America Segregated from the rest of the population. Although many ghettos still exist today. There are many ways to help people find their way out and reach success. We can do this by giving them mentors. Another way to help is to just give them equal opportunities to thrive. Finally if we take all these measures one day there will be few to none ghettos.

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