Getting A Police Ride Along Isn 't The Easiest Form Of Interview Essay

Getting A Police Ride Along Isn 't The Easiest Form Of Interview Essay

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Getting a police ride along isn’t the easiest form of interview to get. It took me a two week process so I can set up a date to do a ride along. The process includes a background check and the reason why I wanted to do a ride along. The officer gave a strict dress code that I had to follow for that day. Police departments have been stricter on who can do a ride along because there have been incidents were citizens attack the officers while doing the ride along. That is the reason why it takes a while until they approve that you can get one.
It was September 19 around 3 o’ clock and I was arriving to the Fontana Police Department on Upland Street. I was dressed in all black with my ironed dress shirt and pants, and my shiny polished black shoes following the dress code they had given me. It seemed like wearing all black was a bad choice because the weather outside was very hot. That day it was 96° Fahrenheit. When I got out of my car to go into the police station I realized that my whole back was full of sweat. It looked like I had just done the ice bucket challenge, but without the ice cold refreshing water. I walked into the main entrance of the police station and noticed the frames of the chief of police and the city mayor. I didn’t pay too much attention to remember their names because there was an older Asian man complaining to a young female officer about how they stole his car for the second time. The female officer, by the name of Officer Lopez, was behind the plexiglass counter and she seemed like she was getting annoyed from all of his yelling. The Asian man had a very thick accent and it was very difficult to understand him. While the female officer Lopez was explaining to him the procedure he had to follow, a police ...

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...e. Kraut then puts him in the back seat and threw some tropical car scents so it wouldn’t make the Kraut-mobile smell bad. Kraut immediately drove to the police station where they staredt processing him.
By the time we had taken him back to the station there was only an hour left of his shift. He told me that I was free to go, that all he was going to do is get the bad scent out with a car wash. He also told me that I was a great partner and if I was really interested in that field of law enforcement to go with it and give it my all. I was even more encouraged to go into law enforcement. I know that this is my career. The enthusiasm and dedication Sergeant Kraut has is what I’m aiming for. He brings the best out of every little thing and has a very great sense of humor, even though his job is very serious. In the future, I hope I can be like Sergeant Matt Kraut.

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