The Job: True Tales From The Life Of A New York City Cop By Steve Osborne

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The book “The Job: True Tales from the life of a New York City Cop” By Steve Osborne is about Osborne experience in the New York Police Department starting from his early age in the police department as a rookie to retiring as a lieutenant. Osborne worked in the New York Police Department for twenty years and retired in 2003 as a lieutenant and commanding officer of the Manhattan Gang Squad. In the book Osborne, talks about some of his memories throughout his career. Some memories that he will never forget and those that he wishes he never remembers. Most of these memories were about him making collared (arrest) and the experience he had with each of the collared.
There were three things that stood out to me in the book. One of them was when Osborne spoke about having more “balls” then “brains”. In the words he is more street smart then book smart. In the chapter that spoke about having more “balls” then
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For example Osborne in one of the chapter his dog run over a car and he broke down and was crying but he wonder why because when his father died he didn’t get emotional. When another police officer help Osborne take his dog to the vet he makes an excuse to try and hide his true feeling about what has happen to his dog. Another example is when the world trade center incident occur Osborne and his men were on the scene to help to find any survivors. He sates “I didn’t deserve the right to be emotional. Beside I was surrounded by my guys, a real hard-core bunch, and I would prefer for them to think of me as heartless.” This impacted me the most because even though he’s a normal human being and it’s ok to feel emotional, he can’t show emotion in front of his co-workers because he has to set an example to everyone in his circle of police officers. Also it shows that there is some type of silent code that cops don’t show their vulnerable side in the line of

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