Essay on German Anti Semitism Was Responsible For The Holocaust

Essay on German Anti Semitism Was Responsible For The Holocaust

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To begin with, German eliminationist anti-semitism was responsible for the Holocaust proven by the fact that the Germans blamed the Jews for causing World War I, so there’s lasting animosity between the Germans and the Jews. Jewish conspiracy ideas started to become prevalent with the emergence of the document ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. This document, created by Russian Tsar 's secret police, was created to instil uneasiness between the Russian people and the Jews.“This forged document, fabricated by the Russian Tsar’s secret police, listed Jewish plans to take over the world. The falsification turned up in Germany in 1919 and was seen by anti-semites as proof of the ‘dark forces’ that had caused Germany to lose World War I” (Holocaust: The Roots of the Holocaust). This shows that this forged document introduced a point of view to the world that would shed the blame of the First World War on the Jews. During the 19th century ethnic and religious minorities were seen as an abomination to Russia, who sought ethnic homogeneity in the name of nationalism. These underlying ideas laid the foundation for framing the Jews for the cause of losing World War I. With the creation and distribution of this forged document by the Russian Tsar 's secret police,these thoughts became more widespread and people started to believe that the Jews were the blame for all their misery. The Jews were being depicted as disloyal and that they were slacking when it came to their responsibilities. In one such instance, in 1916, a general census of all the Jewish soldiers serving on the front line in the army was conducted. The results from this census were fabricated and then broadcasted to a wide audience in an attempt to suade the public 's opi...

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...ave experienced as ‘dirty’.’ I have the impression that they felt that it would be better not to discuss the matter” (Browning Ordinary Germans or Ordinary Men). This shows that the police felt that their true enemies were in fact the Partisans, stating that a confrontation with them was a military move. However, the police officers felt that the whole operation of killing Jews was a dirty business and something that they were ashamed of talking about. This point shows that this supposed deep rooted hatred of Jews really wasn’t as deep as presented. They didn’t feel dignified killing them or that it was in their country’s best interest to do so. They didn’t feel it was a military move like they did when in a confrontation with the Partisans. Hence, explaining that German eliminationist anti-semitism could not possibly be the sole reason responsible for the Holocaust.

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