The Geriatric Inmate Population Problems Essay

The Geriatric Inmate Population Problems Essay

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Many people when they hear the word inmate they usually think of a young male or female between the ages of eighteen to their late twenties, and for the most part it is true. About more than half of the prison population consists of younger inmates. For the past few decades the elderly or geriatric population has increased exponentially. Most of the elderly inmate population ranges from the ages of their early fifties and older, studies have shown that from 1995 to 2010 the portion of inmates ages 54 or older has almost tripled from 3% to 8%. As the population grows larger, greater problems arise dealing with cost and maintaining inmates from overcrowding. Due to medical and health problems, geriatric inmates possess, it takes about $75,000 a year just to maintain an elderly inmate locked up almost two or three times more than a younger inmate. In these report we are going to discuss and address the geriatric inmate population problems, such as the different types of groups the inmates consist of, ,health problems, and underfunding programs.
Elderly inmates are divided into three groups. The first group consists of inmates who have committed serious crimes when they were younger such as brutal sexual assault or murder, and are convicted later on in their life usually serving long term sentences. This group of inmates makes most of the elderly prison population and usually does not pose a threat to each other or security. The next groups of inmates are first time offenders, they are usually convicted of financial crimes such as tax evasion; some other crimes include molestation or pedophilia. This type of inmate is known to be the most violent and aggressive out of the other two, they pose a great risk in harming others and themse...

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... population expands.
Studies have shown that older inmates in prison experience substantially more types of stress, trauma, grief, and loss, which create higher health issues that affect their physical and mental state. These problems greatly affect inmates when they get out of prison because they usually get denied service from community providers due to the lack of training in dealing with this type of problems.
The elderly inmate population is the fastest growing population out of the correctional services. Even though it is one of the smallest it is also the most expensive to maintain that is what I found very interesting. In addition my personal beliefs are that these inmates don’t deserve to be locked up because most of them don’t pose any threat to society and even though some committed horrible crimes they deserve to be treated in a humane and respectful way.

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