Statement Of Purpose For Dental Public Health

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I always wanted to be a dentist, but as I advanced in my education, I noticed the injustices in healthcare surrounding me, I realized that I want to dedicate myself to more than just simple office visits, but rather to make an impact in my field and the lives of those around me and I truly believe public health is the greatest tool that enables me to make that impact I desire. I decided to pursue my MPH degree to be followed with the Residency in Dental Public Health. Now, more than ever there is a need for public control and prevention of disease with healthcare costs spiraling out of control. Pursuing a career in the dental public health field was a decision influenced by many factors starting by my passion for research. One of the main reasons for applying for my dental public health residency at Columbia University is the fact that it has a great research program, which is ranked among the top research facilities in the world. Columbia university’s dental public health residency department possess ample opportunities for research for those motivated to take advantage enough to r...

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