The Geology Of Zinco 's Lease Area Essay

The Geology Of Zinco 's Lease Area Essay

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As discussed in Chapter 2, the geology of ZinCo’s lease area is comprised of a limestone host rock belonging to the Inca Phase folds, or more specifically the Jumasha formation. Due to the close proximity of the Ocelot Mine to the MFTB, these formations have become highly folded and faulted as indicated by the mountainous terrain. As a result, the limestone is expected to be highly fractured which is also indicated by the presence of two dykes protruding vertically into the Ocelot ore body. These structural characteristics indicate that there is a decrease in quality and strength of the host rock in comparison to typical limestone values. General physical properties for Limestone can be found in Table 4.1 below.

Hardness 3 to 4 on Moh’s Scale
Density 2.5 to 2.7 Kg/cm3
Compressive Strength 60-170 N/mm2
Table 4.1: Physical Properties of Limestone [1]
4.1.2. Joint Widths, Tortuosity and Fill

The mean measured aperture for a single fracture in limestone is 265 micrometers [2]. In terms of fill, there are indications of intrusions in our drillhole data which would result in the filling of existing fractures. However, there is evidence of further tectonic activity, as noted in section 2.4, which has likely produced new fractures in the rock. As detailed in section 4.3.4, the carbonate nature of the limestone results in a karst effect which will lead to the widening of these fractures over time. Tortuosity is difficult to consider at this point, as the true extents and effects of the jointing are unknown.
4.1.3. Permeability of Rock Formations and Structures Permitting Flow or Perching

A permeability value of 10-6m/s has been estimated for the geology present in the Ocelot lease area. As discussed in section 4.3.1, this permeability...

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... protection of the Maranon River is paramount. In the early stages of mine development, diversion of water will require less effort. As the pit expands, the amount of contamination will increase. As the final pit size has yet to be designed, it is unclear as to how much water will enter the site. Furthermore, water that has failed to be diverted must also be accounted for. Using the approximate pit limits illustrated in Figure 4.2, roughly one tenth of the water (195 megalitres) would be considered contaminated if the rainfall event occurred near the end of the mine life. Water that is considered contaminated will be pumped into a retention pond downstream from the mine. Prior to release, water quality will be monitored. Additional studies will have to be conducted in order to accurately determine retention volumes and the actions required to manage all inflows.

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