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where to buy a desk -- repeat 4X (Use once in the 1st parag.) contemporary office furniture -- 1X best home office desk -- 1X modular workstations -- 1X It Works: Office Ergonomics and Your Choice of Office Desk To create an office environment with a positive impact on you and the rest of the employees, select the right office furniture. You must know where to buy a desk and chair that will help boost productivity, filing cabinets and storage to keep the office organised and other items that will make every work day healthy and convenient for everyone. In choosing office furnishings, the key word is ergonomics, which basically translates to a workplace that is considerate of the limitations and capabilities of the workers. For instance,…show more content…
Remember that an employee spends on average 8 hours a day in the office, 5 days a week. That’s 8 hours of being glued to the office that, study shows, can cause major health problems over time. If the office desk you choose forces you to crane your neck or bend it, you’ll feel the pain at some point. However, if your workstation is built for comfort and health, you can spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week without the negative impact. So whether you choose classic or contemporary office furniture, keep ergonomics in mind. Office furniture and design The office furniture you pick will depend on whether or not a majority of tasks is on paperwork, computer work or a combination of both. A paper-heavy job requires a large table top surface area, which means you must know where to buy a desk that offers just that. Computer-based tasks require a desk with holes for cable management and a compartment to house the desktop tower. If you use a laptop, your work desk may be smaller. If you do both paperwork and computer work, an L-shaped or U-shaped workstation is highly recommended. A functional workstation needs: • Office desk and workstation • Office chair and…show more content…
Remember paperwork, computer work or both? • Keep comfort in mind. It’s not ergonomic if it’s not comfortable and supports your needs. • Choose the right layout and location for your office workstation. This can influence your choice as to what and where to buy a desk, for example. • Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. An office can have both, and must have both to impress and inspire. Where to buy a desk Where is easier to identify if you know what you’re looking for. Not all commercial furniture suppliers may carry all the fit outs that you need, so it starts with identifying what you’re looking for in a workstation. Do you really need an executive-sized desk? Or are you better off with sit-stand desk option? The latter has a height adjustable mechanism that allows you to work sitting down or standing up, making it the best home office desk, where health and comfort are concerned. Knowing what you need from a desk will also help narrow down your options. Desks come in many shapes and sizes. • Computer desk • Laptop stand • Writing desk • Executive

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