The Benefits Of Patient Portals

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Encompassed within the boundaries of this research paper, I will outline the rationale of constructing and implementing a publicly accessible patient portal for a healthcare organization. I will examine the utility, purpose and the technology requirements. Furthermore I will identify key employee involvement and the project tasks to make it operational and conclude with the highly probable benefits that the organization can expect to profit from its use. Despite all of the challenges presented in this paper, the benefits of this project has the potential to provide the organization a substantial return on investment (ROI) as highlighted by Heath Bell when he articulated, “portals are expected to be a key conduit for engaging patients in their care and getting them important health care information as quickly as possible” (Bell. 2012) Portals Portal Portals In its simplest form, the basic concept of a patient portal is that it is a website, that has some form of security embedded into the process, which allows identified users (patients) access to some level of their health information via the Internet. This access is controlled by authentication methods and the information is personal health data that is being hosted and/or managed by the organization (via a database). The amount or level of information that the user has accessed due is strictly set by the organization and access control through software applications that assure authentication, authorization and accountability. In a 2013 article, Gary Hamilton discuss the advantages of patient portals and state that they, “present many workflow efficiencies for providers, offer empowering tools for patient engagement and facilitate meaningful and relevant information excha... ... middle of paper ... ...are and/or preventative care.” (HealthIT. 2013) My conclusions In summary the benefits or employing or deploying a patient portal clearly out weigh the concerns of the delaying the project. When correctly implemented and properly deployed the organizational advantages can be: • -Reduction in routine administrative paperwork • -Secure electronic communication with patients • -Directed medical advice to patient’s needs or conditions • -Revenue opportunity for online patient payments • -Addressing Meaningful Use & Stage 2 requirements Along with the facilities gains here are the potential benefits for the patients: • -Faster access to personal health information • -Patient autonomy to self scheduled appointments & follow-up care • -Patient direct access to lab results • -Quicker access to specialty referrals • -Access to request routine prescription refills
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