Nt1330 Unit 6 Paper

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The first opportunity of the organization having identified the need for a n house, fulltime float provider or Locum Tenums on call. Based upon the number of patients that were being cancelled per month on average, close to 700. The information was extracted from our data warehouse. Once the information was compared to other health care systems who were experiencing similar problems, the need was identified for a float provider/Locum Tenums (on call) to be housed at the parent facility. The float provider/ Locum Tenums will be used in several aspects that will help to continue to improve access to care. They will be available when a provider calls in so clinic will not have to be cancelled. The float provider/Locum Tenums will be able to see overflow walk in patients if he or she is not providing clinic coverage and or write prescription scheduled medication for providers who are on scheduled…show more content…
This will be a great opportunity for the organization to decrease patient safety issues among providers, patients receiving medications timely, consults accurately prepared, decreasing the likelihood of the patient having to make several trips to the facility and consult being completed timely. The will be decrease in provider burn-out, decrease in clinic cancellation and better continuity of care and promoting patient satisfaction. 75 percent of hospitals in the United States use locum tenens. The benefits of bringing a highly trained physician on board, even if the intention is short-term, are many for your private practice, hospital or clinic. They can help with provider shortage, increase patient volume thus generating more revenue for the organization, help to decrease burn out and rescheduling of patients, and provide a safer environment even if it is only short term (Becker’s Hospital
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