Essay about Geoffrey Canada 's Growing Up

Essay about Geoffrey Canada 's Growing Up

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Geoffrey Canada shares his story about growing up in an inner city neighborhood of the South Bronx in the 1950s and 1960s. Geoffrey Canada is one of four boys who live with his mother after their father left them. Geoffrey Canada talks about the struggles of growing up in the inner city and facing many challenges. As Geoffrey Canada grew up he witnessed a lot of violence which included young children getting their hands on firearms. The prevalence of firearms among children has changed the nature of violence in the United States. Violent acts have transformed from fists, sticks, and knifes to guns. Guns have undermined the street code of honor, the OGs back in the day were ruthless but not killers, this new generation has no developed courage and fighting skills but relied on guns for protection.
Geoffrey Canada became aware of violence at only four years of age. Geoffrey had older brothers Daniel and John who were six and five years old. Geoffrey was the third brother, and had a younger brother, Reuben, who was two years old. John came back from the park one day after having his jacket taken away from him by a bully at the playground. The brothers expected their mother to get the jacket back, but to their surprise she did not. She made the two oldest brothers go get the jacket back or if they did not should would spank them ten times harder. To Geoffrey’s surprise the brothers had returned with the jacket. Geoffrey’s mother gather all four brothers together and told them that they needed to stick together and not let people think that they were afraid. She would not tolerate them becoming victims. At the time, Geoffrey thought the lesson was if someone steals something from you to lie to your mother so confrontation can be avoi...

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...ensing, insurance, ammunition identification, and Gun Buy-Back programs. If a license is issued for a gun, insurance must be issued just as it would for a car. People need to be held accountable, with these policies in place owning a gun would be much more maintenance and costly which would force people who truly need guns to have them and not for recreational use and to have them sitting out and about in a home where children may access the firearms.
Geoffrey Canada is a man who has lived a rough life in the inner city and made it out and has become very successful and influential. Geoffrey Canada is proof that living in the inner city does not mean one cannot succeed from the inner city. Geoffrey Canada has experienced firsthand all the issues children face nowadays and has great insight on how to help children and keep them safe and help them get an education.

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