Genetically Modified Food And The Future Of The World Essay

Genetically Modified Food And The Future Of The World Essay

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Genetically Modified Food and the Future of the World
Today, genetically modified foods (also called genetically modified organisms, or GMOs) have become one of the most prominent headlines. They have gained more attention in the media than ever before; the news reveals who is using them and activists want them gone. There is a large amount of evidence supporting the benefits of genetically modified food; however, activists and the media speculate that there could be negative effects in the future and heavily attack the use of GMOs despite themselves not fully understanding genetics. Using GMO technology, the people need to protect the environment and feed the earth’s growing population in order to secure a safe future for the world.
Genetically modified food is mostly created “using genetic engineering or recombinant DNA technology” (Reding). After a plant has been genetically modified it will “include one or more genes from another organism, such as a bacterium or other microbe or other plant species (“Monsanto”). The benefit of genetic engineering is that the scientists know exactly how the DNA is being modified. Traditionally scientist would breed plants repeatedly, introducing “a number of genes into the plant. These genes may include the gene responsible for the desired trait, as well as genes responsible for unwanted characteristics” (“Consumer”). Scientists alter plants to have “better flavor, higher crop yield (output), greater resistance to insect damage, and immunity to plant diseases” (“Consumer”). The current focus of GMO technology is to increase the amount of food farmers can grow; the production of food is a global challenge, GMOs are the best chance at overcoming this challenge.
At the present time, one of the big...

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... misunderstood to be as unpredictable as sorcery seen in movies, but the truth is that genetics is a science; it is researched, observed, and tested (“Genetically”). In fact, GMOs are the most tested crop that has been approved to be safe to eat (“Monsanto”). Those who fear that GMOs are unpredictable should understand that GMOs are more predictable than traditional plant breeding and GMOs are much more heavily tested (“Consumer”).
Ultimately, by using GMO technology, food could be produced without poisoning the environment, human and animal life can become healthier, and the hungry can be fed. It is necessary to accept GMOs for these benefits not only for ourselves and neighbors, but also for the future generations. It is obvious that GMO technology is the best chance the people of the world have at protecting themselves from hunger and saving the planet’s future.  

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