General Electric Corporation Is A Multi Billion Dollar Conglomerate Company

General Electric Corporation Is A Multi Billion Dollar Conglomerate Company

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General Electric Corporation is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate founded in 1892. The company was founded in Schenectady, New York to capitalize on the patents of Thomas Edison and the use of electric power through generation and distribution. Now a blue chip publicly traded company that has branched out beyond its core into arenas such as aircraft engineering, television, and home appliances to name a few. Over the years the corporation has been through different management models that have brought innovation in many forms that have allowed them to be envied by companies around the world. Despite great success since its conception, like many companies who can withstand the test of times, it’s natural for them to become self-absorbed, which can have a negative impact on the company structure as a whole. Coming across someone like Jack Welch who can think out of the box and in a manner that doesn’t strain the resources of the company but expands the thinking of the company as a collective unit is needed to continue the legacy of innovation in all aspects of business.
Welch’s vision was like no other, modern and straight forward thinking. The internal environment of the company was negative and company-driven as opposed to industry or goal-oriented. It created a culture within that was rigid, thought process was top down, and drawn out which can hinder a business from really moving into the direction it deserves or wants to be in. For instance, the sector organization structure Reg Jones implemented in 1977 was great for the company and many in the business world went on to recognizing him as a management legend. The sector organizational structure was created to make life easier for the executive management group as t...

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...hat you’re trying to get across. Totally defies Welch’s philosophy.
This case study was about management and the impact and effects a great leader can have on a company; and stressed the fact that great leaders don’t just dictate what happens, they trust the people they have put in place to help facilitate the success of their vision. I’ve learned that it’s better to think out of the box than always stick to the same routine. You can compete in an ever-changing marketplace if you’re always doing the exact same thing. Sometimes you have to let go of what’s not working instead of trying to fix it, as not everything and everyone are fixable. More importantly this case study affirmed that staying true to what you believe in, allowing your natural abilities to shine, and caring about the overall welfare of all parties involved are at the core of being a great leader.

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