General Motors Case Study

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Striving for Diversity at General Motors Dino Petruseski University of Detroit Mercy Since its founding in 1908, General Motors has solidified its reputation as a top tier automaker CITE. GM was the global leader in vehicle sales from 1931-2007; 77 consecutive years CITE. As of 2014, GM is the third largest automaker in the world CITE. Their vehicle lineup is very comprehensive. From the compact hatchback Chevy Sonic, to the heavy duty GMC Sierra 3500, GM has just about every vehicle class covered in both the consumer and professional segments. GM’s American brands include Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. Recently, GM named Mary Barra CEO following Dan Akerson’s resignation. Mary is the first female CEO of a major automaker CITE. Mary’s picture graced the cover of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2014 for her handling of GM’s controversial ignition recall. Diversity General Motors takes a very elaborate approach when it comes to diversity. Like most multi-national companies, GM seeks diversity in their workforce. But they don’t stop there. GM also acknowledges diversity in their consumer-base. In order to meet the varying needs of their customers, GM emphasizes diversification of all aspects of the company. A rather modern approach for diversity in an organization, but very appropriate considering the reputation and impact General Motors has around the globe. The Diversity focus areas for GM are as follows: customers, employees, communities, dealers, and suppliers. Customers General Motors sells vehicles in more than 120 countries CITE. GM customers live in varied climates and terrains and use their vehicles for a variety of applications. This means that GM’s fleet must contain vehicles that span a... ... middle of paper ... ...aler network in the U.S. Underrepresented dealers are eligible to take part in this program. Another program is the GM Women’s Retail Network which was developed to attract and developed women dealers and managers. The last program is the National Candidate Program which assists in the preparation of minority and women candidates to become GM dealer operators. Suppliers There is an emphasis on supplier diversity at GM. GM hopes having a diverse supply base will promote competition and good business practices that will allow many suppliers a chance to work together with GM to design and build parts for vehicles. The formal Supplier Diversity Program was established in 1968. Since then, the program has received numerous rewards. The program has created a Supplier Diversity Council which allows GM information and supplier concerns to be shared. Program Evaluation

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