Genealogy and The United States Census Essay

Genealogy and The United States Census Essay

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Ever wonder how far back your family history goes? Do you have any idea where to start looking or what information may be needed to properly find family information? Do you have any clue as to what records would have information? The study of family history better known is Genealogy, is a common hobby of many around the world. Everyone’s genealogy is different. Some family roots can be traced farther back then others, maybe be some more times consuming. Researching your family roots can be done on many sites like,, and To use these sites, ancestor names, and place of residence are two key facts you need to start a genealogy search. Many Genealogies cites provides records of U.S census to help find family information. U.S censuses are one of the most commonly used can use for the study of genealogy. Although all records can be useful using the census as a source of genealogical information does raise a few question; specifically, are earlier censuses records less accurate, thus making it harder to trace family history then more recent censuses? How has the U.S census evolved to better clarify information on its residents?
Censuses are used to see population growth in particular areas. In 1790, George Washington signed a document that stated it was now a law that gave government permission to collect population data called a census also known as a population schedule. These were collected by U.S marshal. The population schedules were also used for demographic analysis (Anniversary of Census Act of 1790 2012). Demographic Analysis is a method that is used to understand the ages, sex, and race and how it changed through the groups of immigration, birth, and death. It a...

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...llecting data and information harder for the earlier censuses.
The U.S censuses are often the best starting point for U.S. genealogical research. Information is available in statewide indexes for almost every census year makes them logical devices to locate individuals whose exact residence is anonymous. While some inaccuracies are to be expected in census records especially earlier census, they still provide some of the most captivating and valuable pieces of personal history and family background to be found in any source. If nothing else, census records are important sources for placing individuals in specific places at specific times. Additionally, information found in the census will often point to other sources to completing research, such as court, land, military, immigration, naturalization, and vital records (Finding and Reading U.S. Census Records 2013).

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