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  • Census

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    2043 the U.S. Census projects no single ethnic or racial group in the United States will constitute a majority. This historic shift is reshaping our interactions and day-to- day activities in America. . Our schools, workforce, electorate, and communications industry is affected by this change. Within, the public relations industry pr experts are constantly searching for the perfect platform to display their message. Consequently, PR experts need to understand the projected Census because the racial

  • Religions Census

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    The US census bureau has not questioned Americans about religion since 1950s but some data had been collected by the federal government for about a century before that. Federal and assistant marshals who acted as censes enumerators until the civil war, collected data from religious leaders and clergy members, on the numbers of churches, their religion as well as the seating capacities and property values. According to censes analysis journal of 2010, the census bureau has been allowed to ask questions

  • Census Bureau

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    Census Bureau The demographics of the census can tell a story of its own. By manipulating the data and comparing the different disbursements of race, age, and ethnicity, we can begin to see a history manifest in the living arrangements of our society today. For example, in reference to the census map titled “Black, Portland—Vancouver, OR—WA by Census Tract,” we find a high concentration of black members living in the northeast community. Cross-referencing our findings with the material

  • The Census Bureau

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    The Census Bureau This paper will identify what I learned from the following two websites identified as the following: www.claritas.com and www.census.gov. The following questions are posed and will be answered in this paper. 1) What did you find that surprised you? 2) How are they different? 3) How are they the same? 4) How might these two market research sources help a company develop a marketing mix? 5) What might each of the 2 sources tell you about consumer behavior

  • Genealogy and The United States Census

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    search. Many Genealogies cites provides records of U.S census to help find family information. U.S censuses are one of the most commonly used can use for the study of genealogy. Although all records can be useful using the census as a source of genealogical information does raise a few question; specifically, are earlier censuses records less accurate, thus making it harder to trace family history then more recent censuses? How has the U.S census evolved to better clarify information on its residents

  • Director of Census 2000 Speaks

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    Director of Census 2000 Speaks “Let’s take a minute to think about how America lives,” Dr. Kenneth Prewitt, director of Census 2000, said to a gathering of students at Boston University today. “We have people living in igloos, houseboats, tree houses and cabins in the woods,” Prewitt said. “America is not a neat little row of urban houses.” “The census is two things: a count and assigning geography,” Prewitt explained. “The purpose of the census is to let the government know where people

  • Welsh Language Census Report

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    Assessment 1 Use the census data available on Welsh to build up a picture of what happened to a chosen small area of Wales over a period for which data is available in the census. The focus of your discussion should be on the rise/fall/stability of the minority language. Try to use data about the age of speakers, and degree of literacy. For this essay, I plan to look at what has happened to the number of speakers of Welsh in both Swansea and the Lliw Valley over time by using census data, comparing

  • The Effect of the U.S. Census on Computing Technology

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    importantly as the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census required efficient data processing because of the large numbers and various types of data it dealt with. The U.S. Census was the catalyst for the boom of computing technology. Its effects are still felt till this day. History of the United States Census The U.S. Census was initially established as a mandate by the Constitution to determine representation of each state in the House of Representatives in Congress. The first U.S. Census taken was in 1790

  • The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race

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    The Government Census Should NOT Focus on Race Lets be honest, does it really matter what race you are? I mean does it really matter where you come from? The color of your skin, the culture and value you carry. Unless you are oppressing one race to feel good about yourself, Why should race matter. The fact is, It shouldn’t matter as long as you are honest and is respectful to others. I’m sure that some of us have experienced this to some extent: When you make a friend who is from a different race

  • The Census of:The Tiny Dancer and the Genuine Earring

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    The census of: the tiny dancer and the Genuine Earring The accomplishments of this distinguishing woman makes one want to stand-up and applaud with encore! She checks and re-checks that nothing in her life holds her back. In one’s opinion a great candidate for the Nobel Prize! In one’s opinion, one could say, it’s sometimes overcoming life’s burdens that truly exclaim oneself. There was once a life, where all she knew was abandonment, savage abuse and the society around her ignoring her. A life