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  • The Census Bureau

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    The Census Bureau This paper will identify what I learned from the following two websites identified as the following: www.claritas.com and www.census.gov. The following questions are posed and will be answered in this paper. 1) What did you find that surprised you? 2) How are they different? 3) How are they the same? 4) How might these two market research sources help a company develop a marketing mix? 5) What might each of the 2 sources tell you about consumer behavior

  • Census

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    2043 the U.S. Census projects no single ethnic or racial group in the United States will constitute a majority. This historic shift is reshaping our interactions and day-to- day activities in America. . Our schools, workforce, electorate, and communications industry is affected by this change. Within, the public relations industry pr experts are constantly searching for the perfect platform to display their message. Consequently, PR experts need to understand the projected Census because the racial

  • Demographics in Census Data from 1790 and 2000

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    Research the census data from 1790 and 2000. Submit a report comparing some of the information contained in the reports. For example, where was the demographic center of the country in each instance? How was ethnicity reported? How is census information used? What strikes you as the most interesting aspects of the reports? The concept of collecting census data has been around for thousands of years. It was a census that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem when Jesus was born. But it wasn't

  • The Effect of the U.S. Census on Computing Technology

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    importantly as the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census required efficient data processing because of the large numbers and various types of data it dealt with. The U.S. Census was the catalyst for the boom of computing technology. Its effects are still felt till this day. History of the United States Census The U.S. Census was initially established as a mandate by the Constitution to determine representation of each state in the House of Representatives in Congress. The first U.S. Census taken was in 1790

  • Welsh Language Census Report

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    Assessment 1 Use the census data available on Welsh to build up a picture of what happened to a chosen small area of Wales over a period for which data is available in the census. The focus of your discussion should be on the rise/fall/stability of the minority language. Try to use data about the age of speakers, and degree of literacy. For this essay, I plan to look at what has happened to the number of speakers of Welsh in both Swansea and the Lliw Valley over time by using census data, comparing

  • Poverty In The Census Bureau

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    Human Services (HHS) and the poverty threshold from the U.S. Census Bureau. Both measurements have their limitations, however, they do provide a baseline in which comparisons can be made from historical data and the information can assist in preparing for potential

  • History Of Baulhkam Hills

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    largest suburbs in area and population within the Hills with a population of 33,661 people (Census 2001). Baulkham Hills as a suburb not including Bella Vista makes up about 24% of the total population (139,404) of the Baulkham Hills Shire. 23,282 people were born in Australia and 25,855 speak English only. 30,179 live in separated houses as opposed to other forms such as flats, units or townhouses. (Census 2001) Baulkham Hills Town Centre includes Stockland Mall, The Bull 'n' Bush Hotel and a number

  • Equality in Education

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    undeniable, Yes! There are different ways and methods to change this problem in our society; hence we must first examine the source of the corruption. The greatest resources for any country are the educated people that it produces. According to the census taken in the year 2001 in the United States, half of our countrys population is made of women. These strong souled beings have the power and cognitive ability to compete equally and fairly with their male counterparts in any area of education. When

  • Female Executives

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    Women occupy a significant and growing proportion of entry and mid-level managerial positions, nevertheless women have been stymied in their entrance to top level positions, accounting for less than five percent of women holding executive positions. The lack of progress can be attributed to the glass ceiling, an invisible barrier to advancement based on attitude or organizational bias. Increasingly, individuals in many organizations are recognizing the importance of shattering the glass ceiling and

  • Mountain Gorillas

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    Half man and half beast. This is what is usually said about the gorilla. They say that the gorilla is related to us. You can find mountain gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes, which are located on the boundaries of Zaire, Rwanda, and Uganda. The Virungas are 600 miles of tropical rainforest. You’ll find then roaming around 7,800 and 11,000 feet, but at low elevations. The gorillas live in units. Most of the units consist of about 6-12 members in it, most of them being related in some way. With

  • Women

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    During the last decade at least three approaches, not necessarily mutually exclusive, were discernible. One was to examine the common demographic indicators that give an overall picture of women's relative standing vis-à-vis men. According to the 1981 census, the se ratio stood at 933 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate was 46.89 per cent for males and 24.82 per cent for females. The life expectancy at birth for females was 50 years and for males it was 50.9 years. The average age at marriage for

  • Divorce is An American Family Tragedy

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    married should be award of if you do not want your marriage to fail and become one of the statistics? There are many reasons people divorce and there are always very unique circumstances around certain divorces. According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census taken in 1992, younger people are marrying for the first time and only about 50-60% of these couples? marriages are surviving. That... ... middle of paper ... ... of Denver and PREP Inc. Adults and children are at increased risk for mental and

  • Over-Crowded School Systems

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    expecting it all. As students are being jammed into these schools, they are getting detention after detention for being late to class, they’re not doing as well as possible on assignments, and the teachers are having more stressful days. The 2000 Census shows that the population of my hometown, Stafford, Virginia, is said to be 104,823 people (Stafford). It is also stated that of that population, 19,000 are students, and 5,378 of those are in the high schools (Simply Fredericksburg). Data also shows

  • Odellington Case Study Essay

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    The site of Odellington is a suburb located in eastern New Jersey. The town has a population of around 16,000 and is mostly residential, but has patches of manufacturing, retail, and transportation hubs. Odellington is on top of a slight hill which results in runoff during heavy storms. This also leads to flooding in the south region of Odellington. Odellington has a diverse community, including White, African American, Asian, and Hispanic or Latino people. First and foremost, the data on Graph

  • Poverty In America: Native American Tribes

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    As a White American, I have been virtually unaware of the harsh living conditions that Native Americans have been enduring. This past summer I was fishing and camping at a resort in northwestern Minnesota with my family. I realized that this resort was located on the White Earth Indian Reservation. As I drove around the towns that the resort was near, I saw that the Native Americans were terribly poverty-stricken. Besides the resort that my family and I were staying at and a small casino that was

  • Analysis of Factors Influencing Pocket Expenses of College Students

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    is 'data'. Data refers is all the information collected in any form for analysis. Data may be expressly collected for a specific purpose. Such data are known as primary data. The collection of facts and figures relating to the population in the census provides primary data. Often, however data collected for some purpose, frequently for administrative reasons, may be used. Such data are known as secondary data. The following methods are generally adopted for collecting the data. · Postal

  • Poverty In America Essay

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    Poverty is an important and emotional issue. Last year, the Census Bureau released its annual report on poverty in the United States declaring that there were nearly 35 million poor persons living in this country in 2002, a small increase from the preceding year. To understand poverty in America, it is important to look behind these numbers--to look at the actual living conditions of the individuals the government deems to be poor. For most Americans, the word "poverty" suggests destitution: an

  • US Population Census Essay

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    Accounting for U.S. Military in the U.S. Census A Review of the Literature The United States has been taking census of all its citizens ever since the passing of the Census Act in 1790. The U.S. government is aware of how daunting this task can be. One of the more challenging aspects of the U.S. census is accounting for all of the U.S. military that are stationed around the world and in the U.S. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 1,431,000 service members currently

  • Sacrifices for Children

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    year, more than 25% had mothers who did not work and stayed home, according to a Census Bureau report,” Genaro Armas writes. This is an increase of stay at home parents which maybe because of the economic boom. Many people are wondering why you would give up a job, and economic security just to raise your kids. What most don’t realize is that you are taking on another job when you take care if your kids. The Census Bureau also reported that 55% of women who gave birth between July 1999 and July 2000

  • Multiculturalism In the United States: Demographics, Diversity, & Divisions

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    To this end, the Census has been administered every ten years by the government since 1790. The Census provides the government with information ranging from household size to income; however, it is perhaps the statistics supplied by the Census on race that allow for the most interesting deductions. Although the Census has been in place for almost two hundred and fourteen years, it is only recently that it has been revised to allow for precise racial identification. The Census Bureau notes, “the