Gender Stratification And The Occupational Spectrum Causes The Downward Social Mobility For Females

Gender Stratification And The Occupational Spectrum Causes The Downward Social Mobility For Females

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It is primarily evident that a lot of amendments have been made in the field of employment to achieve a sense of work place equality for men and women. However, there is the understanding that the topic of inequality and inequity is still persistent in contemporary society. It is manifest that there are a numerous amount of barriers that females endure in the workplace environment, and this binary is occurring because of their gender roles. This paper’s intent is to recognize that the concept of gender stratification experienced in the occupational spectrum causes the downward social mobility for females. The focus of this paper is to further investigate the argument that women in the workplace are still facing numerous amounts of impediments, which is occurring in the form of occupational segregation, wage discrimination, and the preventative glass ceiling.
To begin, according to Bergen (1991) the concept of gender stratification is the distribution to women’s’ and men’s labour (Bergen, 1991). To simplify, it is primarily evident that the feminist theory of gender stratification are the social inequalities that exist between men and women. They are unable to access equal amounts of privilege and authority because of their gender.
Firstly, according to Reskin (1993), the notion of occupational segregation is the understanding that men and women are guided into different professional jobs and responsibilities. This notion is based on society’s stereotypical viewpoints of what a man’s jobs are and what a female’s job is. In the occupational field, men are often holding superior roles than woman (Reskin, 1993). It is evident that occupational segregation is still existent in contemporary society; females are still tolerating occup...

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...ble barrier from further advancement in the workplace.
In conclusion, females are still confronting with numerous amounts of impediments in the occupational spectrum. This paper has recognized that the notion of gender stratification frames the inequalities endured by women in the workplace environment, which is causing a downward social mobility for them. It is primarily evident that females experience barriers in the form of occupational segregation, wage discrimination and the preventative glass ceiling. This paper critically analyzed the various different disadvantages that women are still experiencing in occupations because of their gender role. It is primarily evident that due to the gender stratification that is placed in contemporary society and in the occupational spectrum females are continuously being negatively impacted in a variety of different ways.

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