Gender Inequality Of The Workplace Essay

Gender Inequality Of The Workplace Essay

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace
The Gender inequality issue has been around for many year and it affects many people regardless of gender and race. Most people think gender inequality is a specific female problem, but some males also experience it. The research done may seem that the workplace is unequal, but that 's the case. Some of the so called "proof" about female gender inequality is miss used and misunderstood. There is gender inequality in the workplace, but the workplace can be gender biased based on different factors.
Women earn 78 cents of a dollar compared to what men earn and the pay gap hasn 't changed. Women are than men to be denied a pay raised based on gender. 44 percent of men are happy with their current pay, while only 22 percent of women say the same. 50 percent of the workforce consist of woman and earn 60 percent of graduate and undergraduate degrees. Four times as many women compared to men report being refused a raise in pay because of gender (Velenicia 1).
The 78 cents to a dollar issue has been a main complaint when it comes to the women workplace. Women aren 't paid less than men for the same job they do. The 78 cents to a dollar issue is collective based on the jobs each gender chooses. Men tend to go for higher paying jobs like in STEM field research and doctors while women tend to choose lower paying jobs like teachers and nurses
Four point six percent of chief executive officers at Fortune 500 companies are women. Female workers in the US are still paid 78 cents for what a male makes. There 's a theory that workplace inequity focuses on child bearing, stating children hold women back. When it comes winning promotions and upper management, woman have been at a disadvantage. Between home and wo...

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Two groups can be created when it comes to gender inequality based on some knowledge. Group 1 have no knowledge of the gender pay gap and its’ damage. Group 2 want no knowledge of the gender pay gap and its’ damage. A few people notice women are getting along fine or appear to be (Rubin 1).
This source once again insists that there is an actually pay gap to be spoken of. In the source the article speaks about the two groups involving gender inequality and its’ issues. The article makes it sound as if there is a gender pay gap people should know about. The article also says that there is a group who knows about the gender pay gap and is hush about it.
At the end of the research it can firmly be stated that there is no gender inequality in the workplace. It can be agreed that the workplace can in fact be gender biased towards there respected gender.

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