Gender Inequality And The Legal Profession Essay

Gender Inequality And The Legal Profession Essay

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According to Porter, “A ‘discourse community’ is a group of individuals bound by a common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourse is regulated. A discourse community shares assumptions about what objects are appropriate for examination and discussion, what constitutes ‘evidence’ and ‘validity’ and what formal conventions are followed (38-39).” These five texts collectively constitute a community of discourse through their application of common language norms, characteristics, patterns and rhetorical strategies. All of the authors are writing about corresponding ideas and discussing their identical goals; the prevalence of gender inequality in the legal profession and the unjust consequences derived from it. Similarly, all five sources intentions are to oppose the standard viewpoint that gender inequality has diminished and provide evidence to support this claim. Their ideas of remedying gender inequality in the legal profession overlap as well as contradict one another.
A discourse community is said to be resistant to internal criticism and self-scrutiny because all ideas that severely contrast the values and beliefs within the community are defined as being on the outside, as demonstrated in the texts. “The Discourse itself defines what counts as acceptable criticism” (Gee 162). All of the articles use similar rhetorical strategies by describing a problem in shared thinking; the common conception that the women’s equality dilemma has been resolved since formal regulations were instituted and women’s number have increased in the profession. Within both Brenner and Rhodes articles, both writers use a common language norm by referring to this conception as the ‘no problem’ problem. Furthermore, both ...

... middle of paper ... bias is in fact widely present among a law student sample” (41). Yet there is another layer to this, the recognition of opposition within the text is a strategized rhetorical use, it essentially denies and corrects a conventional way of thinking. The authors deny that the opposing views are conventional and then correct this way of thinking by arguing their claim and providing evidence to support it.
These texts help us to understand the essence of a discourse community. They all use a distinct way of writing applied with distinctive ways of interacting, thinking, believing and interpreting the gender inequality issue. However, these distinctions are not entirely distinct, there are no precedents defining how a community should act or think, alternatively it is the communities interpretation to determine what is denoted correct within their discourse. Included

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