Gender Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Essay

Gender Discrimination And Sexual Harassment Essay

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II. Discuss your findings of the 6 areas listed below.
Completing the six areas listed below I have learned that I have a strong marriage and we have gender specific chores and activities, I enjoy partnering with my husband and raising our children. Our children have gender specific chores but we are teaching them to be educated, independent and leaders. Family is important and I realize how silly I was as a child by being embarrassed of my sister being homosexual.
In my worksite I have not seen any evidence of gender discrimination or sexual harassment, but now questions if individuals joking about having a work wife/husband is considered gender discrimination in some manner.
a. Individual/Personal
A gender issue that my husband and I experience in our marriage is that I often have to remind him that I am his wife and partner and not the maid. When we prepare to go out for the evening it seems as if it is my responsibility to find a sitter to look after our children. My husband and I work full-time jobs and have a 23 year old daughter and 13 year old twins. Having twins requires working together and a lot of communication. We juggle schedules and are required to work together in completing various chores such as housecleaning, grocery shopping and laundry. We also share individual chores, one of his chores consist of taking care of any outdoors needs such as landscaping. I am responsible for maintaining the house such as cleaning and cooking. From talking with a few friends these gender issues seem to be the similar in just about all households.
My husband is the head of the house and manages our finances. We often have disagreements on various purchases that are not considered part of our budget. Having t...

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...women to behave in music videos half-dressed and dancing to show off their body. Females are usually portrayed as being attractive and sexually objectives, while males are aggressive and in most cases handsome. Certain tv shows especially in the 70s were subjective to poor behavioral toward various cultures, women and race.
In different countries women are still treated as a second class citizen from their male counterpart. We as Americans must understand that this is a way of life for these individuals. It would be interesting to learn more about the muslin community and how they treat women. From my understanding muslin men are allowed to have more than one wife as long as he can afford them. I have also heard that women are required to walk behind the male instead of alongside him. These are gender issues that are considered “normal” in some cultures.

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