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Gender Differences in India Essay

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I chose India to provide a data. I would like to discus about male and female work opportunities, education differences, supports, and in politics. I am expecting to provide the negative and positive things about male and female difference in my native country. I choose this statistics because they matter in our daily life. The statistics I have chosen for my assignment will build an interest in reader to read my assignment. The family and society at large consider women as second class citizens. The rituals relating to birth and marriage reflect a son-preference back in days but with the education, modern technologies, the relation we have develop with the foraging countries with the business strategies has brought a awareness in common men’s life in India. All the genders are being treated equally at schools, colleges, and also at the jobs. Females are leading in the education; their academic data is much higher than male. There are few jobs that are typically design for men and women do not have the same strength to do them but other than that all the job opportunities are being offered to equally to the all genders. The women in India are only earning 27% according to the 5a data above the age of 15+. The major difference we see in male and females when it comes to the supports. It could be because women are just start getting the permissions from their parents to join the games. In last decades women were not allow to leave the house for days, they were not allow to wear the shorts , although people thoughts supports are for men and for women. Indian athletics and tennis teams are performing excellent jobs in these days and they have developed the interest in join the games in others. It always takes a time to bring a change ...

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...ernment or high status job.

My analyses for the Johnson and Connell are that patriarchal is getting eliminating from India. As the women are also working, they are leading men in every filed. They are well educated. The society needs to adopt the rules and regulations compared to the western societies. As the main policy framework for international gender equality regimes, addresses the historically determined unequal power relations between women and men’s. I personally suggested them to bring more females in the politics than men because women will understand other women’s problems carefully and they will bring a change in the societies by encouraging each other. The life expectancy at birth has increased for male and female in India. This has revealed the decrease in death rate and the better improvement of quantity and quality health services in India.

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