Gender And The Workplace Is A Controversial Topic Essay

Gender And The Workplace Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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The topic of gender and the workplace has been a controversial topic for years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. This essay is based off of an interview of two separate people, each asked the same questions and summarized to fit into this essay. The question topics range from gender inequality to minority genders entering majority gender dominated fields. Also included in this essay is what the writer thinks about the idea of gender and the workplace as a whole. All of the questions except the final question are open ended questions and I, the interviewer expects to have elaborate answers.
The first person that I interviewed was Katherine H. Katherine is a high school math teacher and has held a top management position in the past working at a steel mill for twenty-three years before becoming a math teacher, which is a male dominated field. Katherine has been a teacher for twelve years and after interviewing her, I felt that she understood the questions well and that she provided adequate answers to the questions being asked.
The first question that was asked had to do with how Katherine felt about gender equality in the workplace. Katherine felt that people should be paid and promoted based upon their contribution to the company. She also gave an anecdotal story explaining a that she had risen to a director’s position with responsibility for people at three divisions and their headquarters and made less money than two male managers under her authority. When she had brought this objection to her superiors, they explained that both of these individuals had been with the company for a greater period of time and that one of the managers who made more than fifty percent more than her, earned that much because he had previ...

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... Katherine has more stories to tell regarding gender in the workplace. However, I wanted to include my point of view on the entire topic as a whole. Being a firefighter myself and having been in the field for a few years now, I can count on one hand the amount of women I’ve seen in this field, as to why, I’m not exactly sure, but if I were to take a guess, I would venture to say that women tend not to do firefighting because it can be pretty gross and disgusting. as well as labor intensive, while this is certainly not a disqualifying factor for women, I feel it may turn many away from the field.
After interviewing two people of separate gender’s I feel that I have gotten a good perspective on how others feel about gender in the workplace, and while there may still be inequality now, It appears to be changing for the better and potentially could be completely equal.

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