Euthanasia: Should Not be Legalized in Canada?

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According to Longman dictionary euthanasia means “the deliberate killing of a person who is very ill ‘(terminal illness)’ and going to die, in order to stop them suffering.” There are two different types of euthanasia; active and passive. Euthanasia is legalized in some parts of the world like Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Oregon, Montana and Washington. Euthanasia should not be legalized in Canada because it is not lawful, ethical, and violates Canada’s respect for every religion.
First, it is not lawful. According to Canadian law it is a crime. For instance, the criminal code section #241 part b) states that anyone who assists in suicide whether complete or incomplete is guilty for indictable offense, resulting in 14 years of imprisonment. It is also not permitted by the Canadian Medical Association. For example the Canadian Medical Association policy specifically states that “Canadian physicians should not participate in euthanasia.” Furthermore, the physician should not cause death intentionally because it “is fundamentally incompatible with the physicians’ role as healer and caregiver.”Therefore, euthanasia is seen as a crime by two laws committees, national and medical.
In addition to lawfulness it is unethical. Doctors should not be given Legislative power to administer death since it can cause a slippery slope. For example, euthanasia is allowed in Netherlands for twenty three years and doctors have went from killing terminally ill who asks for it, to killing chronically ill who asks for it, and to newborn babies who are born with birth defects at their parents request. Furthermore, euthanasia might become the cost effective way treat people with terminal illness. For example, the patient might request euthanasia bec...

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