Gender And Status Of Women Essay

Gender And Status Of Women Essay

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43 male presidents, 0 women presidents
9 male secretary generals, 0 women secretary generals.
1000 rapes for every 6 convictions.
These statistics are frightening for women all around the world. However, as a civilization we have created these statistics. Society has established a patriarchy in which men are expected to be more aggressive and gain leverage over women. By fueling this hierarchy, women will continue to be belittled and self-deprecated. Equitable binary begins as we raise children with a double standard in which daughters are prevented opportunities that sons are given with excessive freedom. Not only do we see examples of this power struggle in home life, but also in our hometowns. For example, at Colts Neck High School, the female cheerleaders bake and buy food for the football players all season long. This results in football players feeling entitled and powerful. This prerogative feeling only leads some men, such as Donald Trump and Kanye West, to believe that power and status is earned through vulgar statements about women’s bodies and brags about perpetrating sexual fantasies upon them. Other men such as, Brock Turner obtain power by raping women. This becomes endemic in society through early indoctrination.
As a child I was always to taught to hold my tongue. To be tactful, to be quiet, to be...

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...n” and seeks a soft punishment. The judge accepts his plea and sentences Brock Turner for six months in jail after raping an innocent woman. Brock Turner was released after three months due to good behavior. This undemanding punishment occurs due to the circumstances in which male privilege overthrows women’s birthright to live without fear of constant persecution.
Consequently, male entitlement results in a patriarchy. It is a vicious cycle in which male dominance is taught at a young age leading to violent, power-seeking acts of supremacy, whether it be vulgar and demeaning statements or physical and vicious assaults. It will always be a cyclical nature
My mom once informed me when I was younger there was nothing we can do, that the world was as equal as it could be. In the same breath she told me to be safe, to be careful and told my brother to go out and play.

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