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Gender And Gender Impact On Society Essays

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For many, gender is an unquestionable fact of nature resulting in the determination of male or female. However many feminists are left wondering how they should feel about these strict gender roles that are inflicted on women and men and in most cases leave women feeling like they are playing the inferior roles. Many are struggling “both to challenge and to celebrate gender difference” (Rhode, 22) and are conflicted between the idea that women should be united together as one group and the dichotomy that each woman has her own unique individual experience that cannot be vaguely defined in a group. Feminists should understand that while gender is biological, the differences between the sexes are based in ideology rather than science and through gender priming women are forced to conform to standards of femininity that are not “natural”, but rather constructed by society.
First we must look to the scientific precedent that has been set through biology and ideology throughout history. In the past scientific wisdom concerning gender has rested more on ideology than on biology (Rhode, 23). When there is an assumption about women, such as it is their nature to nurture, a number of studies supporting the assumption will come up in conversation in the scientific community and will become a fact as a result. Even today, many scientists argue that it is natural for women and men to fit into certain roles and that is has been this way for hundreds of years dating back to hunter-gatherer societies. Natural selection favored certain characteristics among men: promiscuity, strength, aggression and women: fidelity and care taking, and because these are the traits that “survived” they are natural. “According to socio-biologists, discriminatory pa...

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... women face they must band together and embody their oppression and injustice that empowers their movement and those around them.
It can be dangerous to link gender to nature because it can lead for some to imply that women are less than men naturally when this is most certainly not the case. Studies have shown that when women are primed by society into believing that they are less than their male counterparts they will almost always underperform (Fine, 33). They will not be able to live up to the expectations of gender roles in society because of the pressures that they face and the paradox women face in their limitations. While it is important to understand that there are biology differences between men and women, it should also be understood that the hierarchy of gender very likely has nothing to do with biology and all to do with the ideology of our society.

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