Analysis Of The Film Miss Representation

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Have you ever thought about what the media does to women? The film “Miss Representation” was a documentary about how the media misrepresent woman on television, magazines, and music. Every teenager spends most of their time with a consumption of Media, and it has a great influence on them. Indeed, media always shows the standard of a woman on how the media itself likes every woman would look like. Although, there are many women who are successful they still focus on what they see physically and they will never stop criticizing a woman in every way. Therefore, men and boys see a woman as inferior to them and as an object that they could just use all the time. While, woman, and girls tend to follow the social norm so they could fit it. Media is the reason on how this gender representation started, and they are also the key on how it could be changed. The director of the film “Miss Representation” effectively convinces the audiences that media plays a high role in presenting women differently; by narrating her own experience, showing woman 's role in society, and revealing the truth on gender issues.

First, the director of the film is Jennifer Siebel Newsom and she was also the narrator of the film. The film
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Women should start standing out because it can make a difference for the future generations. Instead of spending time on media and making themselves look good. Media should also stop showing people wrong impressions on the woman. Since they play a large role in influencing teenage girl’s brains, they should start to make changes in their productions. All woman should be treated respectfully by everyone. Also, every woman should help each other woman to make changes on how the county sees a
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