The Importance Of Gender Equity And Gender Equality

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Throughout history, women had struggled to obtain equality with men. Through their research on equality, they were rejected, insulted and despised by the stately hegemony of men over them. Despite justifications as women are not fit to do a specific type of job or they are not as smart as ‘men’, they continue to thrive for acceptance in society other than being housewives. (speak about the day they obtain equality as a law) Nowadays, women still fight; they fight for their rights. The problem concerning the equality of men and women in combat is one of their austere fights in the 21st century to obtain full equality. To grasp this issue we shall understand what is gender equity in contrast of gender equality; following this we shall also know the reason for men and women to be or…show more content…
Even though they could appear similar they are not. Gender equality provides also programs, jobs and decision making in sort of they have the same. For instance, if they have a male program, they will also have a female program. Thus even though gender equality appears noble they forget the fact that people differ in their capacity, interests and experiences. In summary, equality emphasizes on having the same starting line, but equality accentuates on providing with the full ranges of occasions and profits. Now that we set a difference between gender equity and gender equality, we shall see their effect on the right to serve in combat. Indeed, as men have the right to serve in combat, women have to have this right. In the past, when serving in combat was a requirement and duty of people, especially men, we stated that those who serve are patriotic towards their country. Even though, some will try to escape, or reluctant to go to war, it was still a duty. We could cite as an example the boxer Mohammed Ali, who refused to serve in combat; consequently, he had his title of champion taken from him as sign of civil

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