Essay on Gender And Communication Among The American Society

Essay on Gender And Communication Among The American Society

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Both gender and communication are mesmerizing subjects to study, and very informative for professional purposes. Being aware that gender inequality still persists today certainly due to an important workload for women as full time employee, and mother enable future working people to understand how to succeed within the American society, among others. Indeed, most of the time, they manage full time professional career as well as raising children, which might be the direct correlation of a lack of affordable, and quality childcare options, complicating therefore gender equality in the paid work force.
Furthermore, in my home country these topics are part of our identity, and are subjects of interest, generating many debates, and demonstrations. That is why, these subjects are very dear to me, and I am eager to know more about how gender, communication as well as culture are connected within the U.S., and especially the impact of media on the American society. These various topics are even more interesting when we know it varies according to the culture you are studying.
As part of my courses in France, I studied and received a diploma for International Business. Needless to say, we focused our attention on how to interact, and converse with different cultures, and we evoked how women were not “sent” in certain Arabic country due to women’s status and mainly because in order to succeed a negotiation you need to drink a lot of alcohol. On average, men tend to be able to drink more than women, hence, they are the one designed to serve the purpose of the company for this peculiar country. However, there are still some other issues that are felt. Some studies have been conducted, and it appeared that even though a woman has th...

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...athered a major part of my idea such as stereotypes within our society, whether it is toys or colors, or even how society perceived female or male, and how they should interact. I enjoyed Jamison’s post the most: Nurturing to become aware. There were so many things to talk about starting from traditional society and its core values, and how it evolved through times to stereotyped colors: blue for boy, and pink for girl. I also went through some ads of this time (50’s-60’s) to better understand how women were pictured in a male dominated society, and it appeared they were viewed more as objects than a hu-“man” being. Another world, I did not realize include the suffix “–man” is “human”. I guess it is because in my language there is no male suffix associated to this word, and there is both a feminine (“humaine”), and masculine (“humain”) word to portray this concept.

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