The Impact Of Gender Inequality In Business

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Gender inequality is present in all aspects of human society, from culture, politics, and economic stand point to personal relationships. Gender inequality can be viewed as a major problem especially within the business world (Corporation, 2016). In the past, men are seen as leaders in all aspects. For example, men could work without any criticisms, they could participate in political issues and were given higher education. Women on the other hand, were given no political participation, criticized for working outside the household as they were responsible for chores such as takes care of their children, cooking or cleaning and given limited education compared to men. Although there are claims rights equality of women in 21st century and much has been written about it in the field of business (Player, 2013), but there is still a gap between male and female. This essay aims to explore the impact of gender inequality in business and will analyze the details in terms of the men are given high pay and specific jobs over women.

Firstly, men are given more leadership authorities over women. The leader can be defined as a person who is appointed or elected by a group
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There are three major issues concerning gender inequality in business that is significantly unethical. First, men are considered higher leaders than women within business, according to gender differences such as physical and emotional factors. Second are the specific jobs for men are significantly higher than the job that are specified for women because men have a choice to do job more than women based on education and experience. Lastly is the unequal salary in business between men and women due to the gender specific jobs and wages for those jobs. Nevertheless, it is not only in the business that gender inequality is present. Gender inequality has a presence in all aspects of modern
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