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Game Changer: Mobile Apps

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Number of apps is increasing exponentially in the past 5 years. In 2013, a report points out that around 103 billions mobile apps have been developed.(Gartner, 2013) The various kinds of apps, for instance, social networking apps, academic apps, instant communication apps, are enhancing the experience of smartphones users according to their preferences. In these five years, apps has changed our lifestyle significantly that we are now working with apps but not paper. This shows that apps is probably the most important game changer recently.

In the past, mobile phones solely contain the built-in function, such as, a fixed calendar function, a fixed camera function. All the functions on the phones were fixed. Users can only use those functions provided by the manufacturers. This situation was changed by apps. Users were no longer restricted by those built-in function. They can customise their phones by downloading favourable apps and have favourable phones. More importantly, there are hundreds of apps release everyday. Their phones will never out-of-date with the new apps. They can still use the new apps, new function on their old phones. Not only change the experience of users, the developers were also changed entirely. As users demand new apps everyday, developers will have temptation to develop apps and also sell it. It is very easy for develops to earn a huge economy profit facing such giant demand on apps. In 2013, report predicts that global apps revenues will reach US$26 billion.(Gartner, 2013) Undeniably, users and developers are all changed in their experience of using and developing apps and turn apps into a game changer.

Apps do not only change the phones themselves, the periphery of them is also changed. The usage of mobile internet is altered by the apps. In several years ago, almost everyone does not use mobile Internet due to the high price. However, apps require mobile internet connection, like Facebook or Whatsapp. The more popular apps is, the more is the usage of mobile Internet. Nowadays, 82% access the Internet everyday with their smartphone(Google, 2013). Compared to 5 years ago, there is almost no one access the Internet on their phones. Telecommunication industry gain much more profit than before. Moreover, the marketing strategies are also altered by apps. Now, it is common to download a app promoting the company. It is a new and effective way to advertise their products. Compared to the past, the marketing strategies are shifted profoundly.

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It is obvious that apps have varied the entire business world, not only the phones.

Nevertheless, instant success actually does not mean apps can affect us for 5 years. Indeed, apps have a lasting impact due to the work by Apple. Apple create an absolutely perfect platform for purchasing and downloading apps, App Store. Every users can easily access to App Store and browse what they need. Every developers can easily put up their app for selling and earn extraordinary profit. Under such flawless environment, users and developers buy and sell apps sustainably. We can see the number of download is accelerating from 2008 to 2013. App store already have 40 billion downloads in half 2013. The number equals to that of 2012 alone(“App Store Tops”, 2013). Besides creating the perfect platform, Apple also acts as a pioneer who lead the trend of setting up the digital distribution platform for mobile apps. Apple started the App Store on July 9, 2008. Followed by App Store, Google started its Android Market, which is a platform run by Google(“A Brief History”, 2009). Until now, the two stores dominate apps market. If Apple does not take the pioneer role, other platforms will not appear and apps cannot have the lasting impact. Therefore, Apple’s work create a massive and permanent impact on apps.

Until now, the number of downloaded apps are increasing. Apps changed our behaviour of using mobile phones wholly. We are all benefited from apps and have a have better quality of lives. In the field of software, apps probably have affected millions of individuals. Indisputably, apps are the most indispensable game changer recently.

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