The Future Of The Nasa Space Program Essay

The Future Of The Nasa Space Program Essay

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More capital should be invested in space technology, and thereby the NASA program, in order to advance sustainable development technologies. It is undeniable that our global climate is changing because of decisions the human race made long ago. These historic moments that forever shaped our industrial and postindustrial world have been proven to have large and unprecedented side effects which now threaten our very way of life. However, space technologies and the programs that develop them are viable options in the management and treatment of these side effects. If we focus on the NASA Space Program we can see the historical proof if its usefulness in sustainable development, economic feasibility/payback, and finally its potential to solve intricate, global problems. NASA’s effectiveness is because it is essentially a think tank to solve literally astronomical problems; NASA’s past success remain unparalleled in any private industry. It is clearly reflected in their records regarding sustainable development solutions, which truly reveal the efficacy of the NASA space program.

NASA has proven time and time again how intrinsic it is in developing space technologies that then are innovated into consumer products which further sustainable development. One of the major parts of sustainable development is fixing environmental disasters which NASA has proven to excel at. The space program piloted the development of tiny beeswax balls that clean up oceans after oil spills. These balls absorb the oil that would otherwise decimate unique ecosystems and even serve as a kind of fish food when they decompose (US Space Program Benefits). In addition, NASA protected people using a technology originally developed to protect space technology from ...

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... any maintenance for their entire existence? The unyielding demands of space mandate these creations, and make the seemingly impossible solution a reality. For astronomical problems such as ours, we need astronomical solutions. These solutions can be found in space technologies.

Increasing funds toward space technologies is absolutely vital to the continued growth and development of human society as a whole. Many people believe that the problems are here on earth, and that looking to the stars for answers is illogical. But the innovations, economic payback, and pure necessity for more intelligent solutions to the more challenging problems of our day continually proves that the knowledge obtained and inventions created by exploring the cosmos can only benefit the entire human race as we look outward, beyond ourselves and our perception of the world, and to the future.

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