The Importance Of The Space Race

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Satellites were a very important part of the Space Race and are still very important today. There are different functions for each satellite. Some are for television networks while others can save lives and predict the weather. Satellites are used every day to help with navigation and positioning systems. Over two thousand five hundred satellites have been sent into space and around one thousand are still operational.
NASA, during the Space Race, was responsible for creating complex software, computer networks, and communications equipment. All of these technologies are beneficial to our everydays lives today. The healthcare industry has benefited because technologies invented during the Space Race have paved the way for Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology and CAT Scans. Simple, everyday items like cordless tools and smoke detectors were invented and manufactured by NASA for the first time to aid astronauts. Robotic technologies and controllers were needed to assist with spacecraft functions. The Space Race also is responsible for great innovations like water filters. Because of the lack of water in space, the astronauts needed a way to safely recycle their waste water.
In the 1980s, NASA returned to human spaceflight with the Space Shuttle. The Space Shuttle was the first spacecraft that was able to be reused and it was based on the X-15 craft that was designed and tested during the 1960s. The advancement of aerodynamic knowledge led the way for the large and efficient commercial aircraft that we see every day today. The large payload bay of the Space Shuttle allowed large satellites and telescopes to be launched into orbit and to be repaired, as necessary. The Russian MIR Space Station and the International...

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... 20th, 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. The American society had finally accomplished the impossible.
The Space Race was very beneficial to the world because not only did it improve technology it also improved education. In 1963 the U.S had a congressional mandate that increased investment in the education of science and math and they did this because they wanted to increase the basic knowledge of some fields of science. In just a few years it had created a huge advancement in the understanding of the Sun, Earth, nearby space, electronics, energy sources, and collecting data. The success of Sputnik I gave most Americans a wake up call. Parents started making their kids take higher science classes and instead of a giving toy cars they gave their kids chemistry sets.. The baby boom families started to buy educational toys like telescopes and microscopes.
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