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These articles discuss the future of cultivation research (research on the roles of the message conveyed by television to viewers' perceptions and attitudes) in the context of "changing media environment." Based on the cultivation research since the 1960s, although there are many criticisms, it is argued that current cultivation theory has reached the certain quality of paradigmatic performance. According to Morgan and Sanahan, researchers have generally accepted the fundamental premises of the theory that television, in exposing the messages, possesses incremental effect, although generally it achieves or “cultivates” on the level of mental entity of the viewers. However, because it is accumulated, it may open possibilities to influence viewers’ overt behaviors in the long term. In principle, as Sanahan’s argument, media serves to create meaningful perception of people’s mental environment (symbolic environment) and cause a collective consciousness in seeing the reality of the worlds (perceived reality), in ”variety of contexts and situations" (Morgan & Sanahan, p.349). For these reasons, these two researchers highlight that the main issue is that researchers should answer questions about how to stabilizing the audience beliefs and conceptions (and also the media related power structures) rather than research on attitude or behavior changes.
The future of cultivation theory, in the context of the environment changes, depends on several things. Morgan & Sanahan argued that the influence of mass media relies on the "popular storytelling systems and purveyors of widely shared messages" (p. 350). When these systems collapsed, the influence of media will decrease with the increasing number of competitors of new media beyond telev...

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...of its innovativeness and it is not available in other television stations.
To conclude, like in agricultural world, cultivation is practiced in an agricultural land, and farmers hoping to harvest it after several period of time. Farmers may harvest plethora of agricultural production, when they use new type of seed variety, and when the climate is good and the land is fertile enough to support the growth. In the context of the mass communication, cultivation may also be accomplished, when new seed of information are cultivated in the "symbolic environment" of people’s relation over time. It may produce reasonable “harvest” of viewers’ perception change, when the social environment is “fertile”, in the sense of that the viewers are still naïve regarding particular issues or not yet contaminated by other information or under significant social change environment.

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