Essay about The Future of Computer Science

Essay about The Future of Computer Science

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The Future of Computer Science

Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems are international qualifications, enabling people to work globally, and in a very broad variety of roles. There is steady growth in demand for technically adept and flexible IT graduates. Declining student enrollment, while growth continues in law, medicine, biology, economics, and business; the decline among women is particularly alarming (Klawe and Shneiderman 27). Computer science is now a part of everyone’s daily life through the innovations and technologies it enables. From transforming health care to enabling a more robust national defense, computer science is on the forefront of discovery, driving economic growth and transforming our culture.
Compared with the future of computer science employment, the most challengeable goal is about the professional development which includes being familiar of many programming languages and have remarkable creativity. Internationally, computer scientists could add their efforts to existing programs that aim to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, improve education (27). For Achieving this pursuits, I obviously have to write clear comments and technical specs, which help other programmers understand my programming codes. In other words, other programmers can use and work with my code instead of rewriting it. By writing clear technical documentation for end users, they allow people to figure out what their code is supposed to do, which is the only way those users can see the value in their code. There's a lot of wonderful, useful code buried on source forges somewhere that nobody uses because it was created by programmers, who don't write very well, and so nobody knows what they've done...

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...d in the core of the high-tech cluster development that is technological innovation of enterprises. In the future, global economic growth in our national conditions should be the starting point to the development of new business models for the innovation. We do have optimistic minds in our computer science’s future.

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