The Role of Computers in Our Future

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The Role of Computers in Our Future

As far as computers in the future, I feel that they are going to play a major role. They will be in everyday life, in everything we do. There will be many areas affected by the wide use of computers. Areas such as: home, work, schools, automobiles, electronics, and humans. Although these areas are already affected, they will be even more as we move into the future.

To begin this discussion I will show you the effects on the work place and humans. As for humans in the work place, work will become easier. So this means less stress for humans because the computers will be doing all the work. This in turn means that humans will be doing less and less because the computers will be slowly taking over. As for a human going to work, this may only consist of telling a computer what to do all day. Or even from your own home, waking up and telling your computer what to do so you do not even have to go into work. Now for communication with computers, this may get so advanced that your computer may even ask you questions about the work it is doing and that you are getting paid to do. So this is where I see computers going as far as work and humans.

Now for computers in the schools, I feel we will soon have no books and all work will be done on computers. Even homework will be done on the internet and e-mailed to the teacher. Children will be taught about computers at a younger and younger age. This in turn will make the younger generations more and more skilled in electronics and understanding how they work. This will have a very large impact on they way projects and or work is viewed.

The next step is computers in the home. Computers will play a major role in homes. They will automatically pull the bread in to toast it with no lever. It will in turn tell you how your food is doing while it is cooking in the microwave and then tell you when it is done. Now to enter your own home you may only have to say “open door”. The computer will automatically scan your voice and unlock the door and let you in. So this is how I feel that computers will affect the home steed.
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