Future Career : What A Maternal Fetal Specialist? Essay

Future Career : What A Maternal Fetal Specialist? Essay

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Future Career: What a Maternal-Fetal Specialist Does
The start of my teen years was filled with in and out hospital visits. I got the chance to meet a variety of different individuals who were nurses, physicians, and doctors. My aspiration of the medical field came from experiences of being an actual patient. Every nurse and doctor exposed to me what it takes to give their clients top service. These astonishing humans paid close attention to every detail and pursued every need to make sure you were as comfortable as possible and on the road to recovery; as if it was their destiny. Being around this environment inspired me to be apart of the medical field. I wanted to take care of others the same way my nurses and doctors had done for me. I want to give my future patients the feeling of stability in their journey to keep their health in great shape and do everything feasible to heal/maintain any further illnesses. Through my teenage years, I’ve paid close attention to what I really enjoyed and cherished. I believe that if I picked something that I greatly appreciated, my future field of study would not feel like work, it would feel like a purpose. Due to the encounter of my everyday life, I’ve decided that becoming an (MFM) Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, also known as a Perinatologist, would be the best option for me. I’ve learned that I treasure the progression of soon to be mothers and absolutely have a massive affection for babies. Working as an MFM would allow me to provide care for others, especially women, and their babies during high-risk pregnancies, this career as well distributes many more aspects.
MFM specialists are experienced in a wide diversity of complex maternal-fetal conditions and care for normal pregnanc...

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...g work. It was calculated that about 59% of physicians used their time in offices, 29% in operating and delivery rooms, 8% to conduct hospital rounds, 4% to interpret laboratory test results and correspondence (“Estimated Demand”).
Becoming a Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist will sure be quite the hike. The education and learning skills to become an expert in high-risk pregnancies will be quite difficult. Ahead of me, I will have many exams, tests, assignments, long study sessions, and plenty of stress. Moreover, this will be my way to success. The satisfaction I will get being able to keep a mom as healthy as possible as her body changes and as her baby grows will all be worth it. My passion and positive attitude towards this career, I believe, will keep me dedicated and ready to go the extra mile to continue my studies as a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist.

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