Importance Of Admission In Nursing

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Please explain why you have chosen to pursue acceptance to an ABSN program.
After receiving my undergraduate degree in pre-medicine I knew that medicine was in my future, but I was not ready to start my career at that time. Hands on experiences are vital for me because it is how I interpret the world around me. So I became a volunteer firefighter/ EMT-b and then worked as an operating room aide at Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. Through these experiences I realized that I communicate well with others, thrive in high intensity situations, and believe in treating others with respect in all situations. I learned from these experiences that my career path is in nursing. I was taught the basics of medical science during my undergraduate education; I now want to apply my educational abilities and life
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These core values have sculpted me into the man I am today. Good communication and listening skills are invaluable in all health care systems and I pride myself in knowing that I will bring both of these skills to MSU’s College of Nursing. While in the nursing program, we will be interacting with fellow students, nurses, patients, and doctors. With my open personality and ability to work well with others I believe that these interactions will not only be positive, but productive as well. While in the program and after graduation, we will be working with patients from diverse backgrounds. Through travels and my volunteer work I have learned that to gain insight into someone’s life you must have the ability to empathize with them. By doing this, you build a relationship based on trust that is invaluable in all interactions with people, especially in a healthcare environment. I am excited to be part of this nursing program and I am ready to bring the positive individual I am to an already fantastic

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