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The Future And Outlook Of Policing Essay examples

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The future and outlook of policing is a never ending process that each law enforcement agency has to take a look at within the department. A person can see just how much law enforcement has evolved by just evaluating the past decade. However, law enforcement still has so much to learn and improve on. Twenty-first century policing will bring about new technology, new strategies and new ways of building relationships with the communities.
One of the main areas that will be looked upon with different agencies is how police departments can begin to build relationship with the communities in which the officers are sworn to protect and serve. Due to recent events that have occurred across the country, law enforcement is now attempting to rebuild this relationship that has been lost. Due to these questionable incidences, law enforcement is seen by the community as an occupying force instead of a service that swore to protect and serve. When the community begins seeing law enforcement in this manner, law enforcement will not be able to build trust with the community (President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, 2015, p. 9).
One of the many ways police departments are building that trust is to learn to de-escalate volatile situations instead of advancing toward the volatility. This can be hard for police officers because of past training that has the officers running toward the danger while others are running away from it. Training is necessary to learn this new concept to de-escalating an incident. Dallas police have seen a dramatic decrease in excessive-force complaints in recent years by using this type of training with the police officers. The instructors are training police officers to slow things down and attempt to ...

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...blic knowledge and high profile officer-involved shootings, future data collecting from local police departments could be a requirement in the future to allow the federal government to keep track and predict a possible trend or problem.
Local police departments across the nation have improved with how the department conducts business, investigates crime, and deals with the community on a daily basis compared to ten, twenty, or even thirty years ago. Looking back on history demonstrates these advances. However, more needs to be done, which is proven with today’s current events. Police departments taking the recommendations of The President’s Task Force in helping rebuild a relationship with community, grasping and using technology, and changing the training and education that police officers receive is a great step in the future outlook of policing within America.

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