Joocasta In Oedipus The King

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The role of Jocasta in Oedipus the King is crucial. Jocasta sees the reality of the situation before Oedipus and the chorus do. The prophecies made themselves known long ago, and Jocasta believed that they would come true. Jocasta did have faith in the oracles, but only enough faith to suit her own purpose. She worked to suppress much of the faith Oedipus had in them, in the interest of keeping the city, herself, and Oedipus in a powerful yet strong position. Jocasta's role in the story influenced Oedipus to think back to Laius' death and begin to try to solve the Sphinx's riddle. Jocasta explains that an oracle called for her husband's death to be at the hand of his own son. Seeing that thieves evidently killed the king, Oedipus as the new king began trying to find the culprits. The chorus and Jocasta all recall that Laius was killed by thieves where three paths cross. With this in mind, there was no reason to believe that the oracle was right. It was long ago the oracle said that Laius and Jocasta's child would end up killing his father and marrying his own mother. Laius then decided their child should be brought up to the mountain that separated the two cities. He ordered a servant to go to the top if this mountain and leave the baby there to die. Obeying the king, the servant did so. At the top of the mountain, a shepherd said that the King and Queen of Corinth could take the abandoned child and raise it as if it was their own. The child grew up with the belief that he was raised by his biological parents. Away from his biological parents, Oedipus never learned the truth about his past. This has a serious effect on Oedipus’s decision making as he thinks that he is going to kill the two persons who have raised him when he hea... ... middle of paper ... ...s Oedipus' fate from when he was an infant. Chance determined the past, yet she could affect the present and the future. When the Messenger and the Shepherd are present in the story, the past begins to make sense to Oedipus and Jocasta. The child that was sent away so many years ago was the same man that ran from Corinth to Thebes. Thus, the man who ran from Corinth was Oedipus, who killed King Laius. Jocasta was the first to fully realize that she had married and bore children with her own son. They then knew that the oracles had become a reality. Jocasta and Oedipus' attempt to change fate proves that fate cannot be altered. The story of Oedipus the king led to The Oedipus Complex. This is described as, " a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of the opposite sex and a concomitant sense of rivalry with the parent of the same sex" (
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