The Fundamental Goal Of Change Management Essays

The Fundamental Goal Of Change Management Essays

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The fundamental goal of change management is to involve staff and give confidence of their embracing of a new method of performing their duties. Whether it is a process, system, job role or organizational structure change (or all of the above), a project is only successful if individual employees change their daily behaviors and workflows. This is the essence of change management. The manager should inform the employees about the recent changes that taking place. The manager should explain and share information with the employees so that they would not become concerned about their job. When employees do not know what is going on or are suspicious of losing their job or benefits as they become fearful and seek employment elsewhere. However, if the change is validated, employees would like to know why the change is transpiring and in what way it will impact them (Al-Abri, 2007). The events in an organization such as layoffs or other organizational adjustments can lead to fear, misperception, resentment and lack of confidence under the indications of change (Al-Abri, 2007). The manager should communicate any information about changes within the department when available, to clear up any unconfirmed report. Another role of the manager when transformations are about to happen within the department, it is vital for managers to address issues of fairness. The managers also play a significant role in assisting their department through change. Besides providing sufficient information, employees need applicable resources accessible to them to relieve the transition. However, the manager should assure the staff that their door is always open to suggestions and to assist them where needed. Also, the manager may need to promote an assistant ...

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...sues that may arise from the current changes. Implementing the plan in phases can furthermore limit possible complications by using preventative measures to exposing the new process. Before the start of the new change, the manager should begin training the employees at least a month in advance. Anyone with knowledge of these new adjustments should be available to answer any questions or concerns that someone may have and should give the employees an opportunity to provide feedback. The feedback that provided by the employees will allow the management staff to make the necessary improvements. The new process will need frequently monitoring to determine if it is working and if additional adjustments are needed. The issues that arise should be addressed immediately, and urge employees affected by the change to contribute specific information from their point of view.

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