From the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union Essay

From the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union Essay

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It was not until after World War I that Russia began to undergo a series of changes. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the former Russian empire that had existed from 1721 up until then collapsed, and the Soviet Union was introduced. The geographic renaming of Russia from the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union also brought about many gradual changes. There were also changes in religion, as the new government replaced the role of the Orthodox Church. There was an increase in nationalism because of the conflicts that had existed between the Reds and the Whites. What used to be the czarist regime was replaced by a provisional government and then eventually by communist leaders Lenin and Stalin. There were also shifts in the economy, for the better, with periods of rapid industrialization. However, it is hard to look past the fact that despite all the transformations, the common working class people suffered low standards of living throughout the time period. From 1801 to 1939, Soviet Union experienced dramatic changes in three aspects of society: changes in the type government, the basis of economy, increase in nationalism, as well as the role of religion while the plight of the lower class stayed the same.

Russia changes from an empire ruled by tsardom to a totalitarian government and then to a totalitarian state. From the time of 1801 to 1917, Russia was governed by autocratic and enlightened tsars such as Nicholas I and Alexander III. Both feared rebellions and justified their arbitrary use of power with censorship. However, after 1917, the reign of Nicholas II, the tsarist regime was replaced with the leader of the Bolshevik party. The government became filled with communist ideals as the significance of Lenin incr...

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...tate, where all aspects of the people’s lives were controlled, religion was not allowed. The banning of religion helps Stalin to control the masses and ultimately aided him to bring about a worldwide Communist revolution.

Between 1801 to 1939, changes and continuities took place in three parts of Soviet Russia, role of the middle class, production and economy, and the shift from tsardom to totalitarian state. Through all of these transformations, the Soviet Union became a well-known and respected world power because of its growing economy and expanding communist ideologies. As the Bolsheviks party forced the Russian people to combat capitalism, their promises to recognize the lower class did not prevail. Despite all the changes with the political system and the economy, the middle working class and the peasant were still not exempt from poverty or famine.

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