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The development of an American language is a long and interesting account of preservation as well as change and development of a living language, and it is the purpose of this essay to examine to some extent several items related to the factors that brought English to America and the features of American English that developed thereafter, with several sections focusing on the history of the arrival of the English language in America, definitions of what British English (BrE) and American English (AmE) are, and finally three specific areas of discussion i.e. phonological, lexical, and syntactical features of American English.
The English language was brought to America by English settlers who began arriving in America after Sir Walter Raleigh claimed America for England in 1584. However, the majority of English movement to America, which really cannot be called immigration due to the fact that they were not going to another country, but simply to another location within the British Empire, happened in the 17th century after the establishment of Jamestown, the first English settlement in America. Wikipedia (2013) informs us that after the first wave of settlers in 1587, the next major wave came in 1620 in the form of Pilgrims, who were later known as Puritans for their particularly strict beliefs regarding doctrinal and practical purity. The Puritans were fleeing England for religious reasons and the next few decades saw many more, settling around the Greater Massachusetts area until about 1660, after which England began to strongly discourage migration to America. Whatever migration remained finally came to an end in 1775, when revolutionary violence broke out in America.
There were two major colonies of English-speakers in those ...

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