Distinctive Characteristics Of The British North American Colonies In The 1700s

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551 words

The Eastern region of North American continent was swarmed with English in the 18th century. Initially directed under British rule, the English formed colonies in North, middle, and Southern regions along the Atlantic Ocean. The three regions each possessed distinct environments and features, so different groups of people occupied each colonies. Thus, the British North American colonies in the 1700’s developed distinctive characteristics, yet also shared similar characteristics which bonded them together. As various people settled in different regions, both similarities and differences in the social aspects of the North American Colonies developed. In the New England colonies, puritans made up the majority of the population. They established

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the eastern region of north america was swarmed with english in the 18th century. the english formed colonies in north, middle, and southern regions along the atlantic ocean.
  • Analyzes how the social aspects of the north american colonies developed as people settled in different regions. puritans established the congregationalist church, while non-english europeans filled large parts.
  • Explains that political development was significant in all three british north american colonies, although it slightly differed within the regions.
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