Differences in Development between the Chesapeake Regions and New England

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Differences in Development between the Chesapeake Regions and New England

The seventeenth and early eighteenth century, brought thousands of immigrants to America in pursuit of freedom and a new life. Some desired freedom from religious persecution, others wanted a chance to be free from the poverty that ensnared them in England Thus the American colonies were formed. Although the colonies were all united under British rule, they eventually separated into various regions including the Chesapeake region, the New England region, the Middle region, and the Southern region. Despite all the colonies being primarily inhabited by people of English origin the Chesapeake and New England regions evolved into two distinct societies due to religious, economic, and societal factors.

The religious preferences of the Chesapeake region had a dramatic impact on its development into a secure and stable society. This region included the colonies of Maryland and Virginia. The colony of Maryland was developed originally by Lord Baltimore as a safe haven for him and his fellow Catholics; however after Baltimore's death his son Cecil Calvert assumed his title and continued implementing his father's plans. These plans eventually led Calvert to persuade the Maryland assembly to adopt the Act of Toleration. The Act of Toleration granted religious freedom to all Christians, but also required the death of anyone who denied Jesus' divinity. Eventually, the law was overturned in a revolt led by Protestants in the late seventeenth century. The Chesapeake region's chapels and meeting houses became the focal point for immigrants while the missionary work done by the Catholics and Quakers assisted in forming a community by reminding the colonists that they h...

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