Friends Make Life Better

Friends Make Life Better

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Mimi’s first job after moving to Orlando, Florida from Fallbrook, California was at Doctor Varraux, a Pulmonary Doctor about thirteen years ago. It was at this job she met Mattie, her know best friend, the person who help her through a difficult time in her life. Mattie advice for Mimi was that in time she would be ok. Why do people need people? Because a friend is the one that would lift you up when you are down, would believes in you when you loss all faith.

According to Barbara Streisand song, People, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Barbara Streisand song asserts that a true friend will always be there for you, no matter what and because this they are consider lucky people. People are lucky because having someone in their life, who they count on, who will be there in good and in bad and who will make them happy. People need people to talk to, to count on, someone to laugh with, and someone who will make them happy. Lucky people have someone they could confide on when going through a difficult situation and gives advice in the direction they should take. For instant, Mattie was there when Mimi was going true a difficult situation. Mimi never imagined, she would ever get divorce, let alone be a single mom. Mimi whole life had come to a crash and she did not think she would make it. Mattie provided her shoulder for Mimi to cry until she had no more tears. Mattie never left her until Mimi her fear, anger, and betrayal past. Mimi needed Mattie and Mattie was there for her.

Some people will say they are happiest without someone in their life. Maybe because they prefer going home to a peaceful place without having someone nagging them, telling them how they forgot to pick up milk at the grocery store or how the laundry was not done and they did not have anything clean to wear. This is possible for some people, but for some it is not easy being alone, because they need that person that makes them feel whole. People that have no one to share his or her life with could become sad and depressed, isolated and may become suicidal.

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Mimi grandmother died of a broken heart after her grandfather dies. Her grandparents were high school sweethearts, they had been married for over 50 years, and after he died she felt so alone without him, her best friend was gone. She was alone, she was scared, and she did not want to live anymore so three months later she passed away. You could say she died of a broken heart; she died because she was so afraid of being alone that she gave up in life.

People not just are in each others life when thing are bad, but they also bring joy to are life. Friends enjoys going to the movies, a BBQ at the park, an amusement park with the kids and going to the bar for some adult time. Join a gym to encourage each there to loss weight and stay fit and even volunteer to help cash wash to help raise money for a school event. One of Mattie pass time was to go to Bob Marley, have a couple of drinks and dance all night. Emily did not know how to dance, she has two left feet but she will get on the dance floor and slowly move and pretend she could dance and she only did this because Mattie was her friend.

People will come and go through out your entire life, but when they become part of your life, when they are there through thick and thin, you will know you are lucky for you have found a true friend. Emily needed Mattie in her life because she was going through a difficult situation and Mattie was that friend that was there.

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