The French Revolution : A Deep Social And Political Influence Essay

The French Revolution : A Deep Social And Political Influence Essay

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The French Revolution was a deep social and political influence in France and it lasted ten years from 1789 until 1799. It started with King Louis XVI’s financial crisis by an endeavor to increase the government revenues by making adjustments to the tax system. The government tried to make this happen during an American war with borrowed money and the national debt had increased tremendously. They had to use at least 50 percent of their annual budget for interest payments on the borrowed money.
On May 5, 1789, the Estates General assembled a meeting at Versailles after a protest that generated around the country when Louis XVI tried to banish the judges after they declared the royal null and void. The Estates General is basically a legislative body that is composed by representatives of each of the three classes. They were called the clergy, nobility, and commoners. At the meeting, the delegates at Versailles floundered over who honestly runs the nation, and this caused the general public of France to take the matters into their own hands. They eventually rose up against the noble lords and tried to reach out to the royal family. They demanded change and their complaints led to a cascade of disagreements and deliberations across the country.1
On June 17, 1789, the third estate finally declares itself the National Assembly. They elected mostly congregational priests instead of the church leaders, because of their huge discontentment with the church chain of command. They wanted the nobility to be conservatives and less wealthy, however almost one-third of the noble representatives were actually liberals. They were dedicated and dutiful to new and considerable transformations. They stated that new taxes and laws would have to de...

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...he war of Haitian Independence after he tried to take over the country and re-establish slavery that was now banned from France. After that loss at Saint-Domingue, he finally resigned, but still had plenty determinations left for Europe.
In conclusion, the French Revolution was a huge influence for Europe and was one of the most important events in western history. There was not just one separate component that started the revolution. It accumulated from years of tyranny and financial management that led to a revolt. The people of France wanted to see a change in the way that their country was run. Similar to the American Revolution, their ideas were influenced by new Enlightenment philosophies. Even though the French Revolution was not successful in all of its aspirations, it still played a huge responsibility in reshaping France to be the good country it is now.

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