Government And The French Revolution

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Government, one of the greatest concepts of mankind since learning how to live together as a community. Government was designed to give order and to represent the people in their quest for happiness. When a government works well the majority of its citizens are satisfied with what the government is doing, but what happens when the government fall short of satisfying the basic needs of its citizens? When the current government fails a new one is the cry of its people. In many countries change is accomplished by a revolution. In France the National Assembly cried for revolution from its oppressive King and the Ancien Regime. They wanted to improve human rights. They wanted an improved economy and religious reform like the American Revolution. This is an argument that the French Revolution failed. Before the revolution, life in France was still observing feudal rights. The monarch, nobles, and the clergy lived a life on the back of the people. It was a very dark time for the peasants with no light in sight. The large mass of peasants grew poorer and living in famine. Crime was the way of life for the peasants because food resources began to become scarce. Leading up to the revolution, the beginning of a middle class began develop. This new class would be the leading force for the revolution in France. After the revolution the French Revolution failed to establish a representative government or a constitutional monarchy. Before the revolution, France began with an absolute monarchy. They completely abolished the monarchy by cutting off the king’s and queen’s head and ended up with Napoleon Bonaparte. The French revolution did give the people a taste of liberty, equality, and power, but that was short lived. The co... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to the church, but the National Assembly classified it as a religious act to help better society. The new French government created a new Constitutional Church. It was permitted to continue working under the suspicions of the government due to its passed relationship with the Ancien regime. It was not until Napoleon that the Catholic Church was returned to its former glory. Looking back at the history of the French Ancien Regime, some sort change was needed to happen. Unfortunately the French went about it in a wrong way, because the French revolution failed. The French did not need a Revolution, but reform. Human Rights, the economy and religion all suffered at the hands of the revolution. Until Napoleon Bonaparte, France was in revolution chaos without any direction. It has had lasting effects on this country that is still present over 200 years later.
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