Freedom of Expression: When Does It Cross the Line? Essay

Freedom of Expression: When Does It Cross the Line? Essay

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Current fashion often provides its audience with surprises, when it comes to attracting consumers and making news in the fashion world. However, most believe that fashion should never cross the line of good taste. We have watched singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga “re-invent’ themselves each year by creating new outfits with outrageous fashion in art and advertising to sell their music. Now there are cases when the expression of these creations in retail promotions step over the line and offend some viewers, or cause controversy among the American people. The fine line between freedom of speech and the need for censorship depends on the ability of the fashion and art industries to meet the needs of both the consumer with interesting products, and suiting the local community with good taste.
When she recently visited an upscale mall, June Channing witnessed the lingerie styled mannequins in a Victoria Secret window display, her initial impression was of an image of inappropriate obscenity (1.) and prostitution, rather than an image of beauty and tasteful fashion. Granted, the promotions and advertisements of this particular retail store are known for provocative and eye-catching global advertising campaigns, directing its appeal to both the women who wear it, and the boyfriends and husbands who also purchase these products for their wives and girlfriends. These mannequin models wore only bras and panties, fishnet stockings, garters, and black lace. She questioned why the management of her favorite mall allowed its tenants to distract from the otherwise “family friendly” environment. “Mall developer Westcor and Victoria Secret are working to change the images at the store.” The management’s Mr. Hunter said that customer “Re...

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