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Fashion is a form of art. A person can make his creativity in any shape of his own. Fashion industry has been introducing new trends day by day, not only in clothing and related accessories, in almost all fields that involve colour. Clothing fashion seeks more attention among those.
Come to fashion trends in clothing and accessories, ‘Fashion’ is just about looks. Nowadays, we can define it as a frequently changing trends, usually related to clothing and accessories.’ Trend’ refers to the introduction and acceptance of a new design especially by fashion designers or famous brands.
Present moment, fashion trends has a deeper influence in almost everyone’s life. We cant even think about
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Trends are updating constantly and it is little difficult to follow also. Social media helps to track the latest news of this industry.
Social media and Fashion trends
For the past few years, we had been witnessing the social revolution of fashion trends. Social media played an important role in the establishment of fashion industry worldwide. Online fashion websites update their sites trendy clothing and accessories what a person keenly wants in their wardrobe. Social media marketers has boosted the sites with attractive content, headings, captions, model images and so on. Actually, the retail textile shops are retiring from the scene of fashion trends.
Role of Fashion designers in the industry
Charles Frederick, known as first designer, created a huge revolution in the history of fashion. “Grab what is new before it become old”, this Libiyan quote indicates less duration of each trends, that much fashion designers we have in the fashion industry. Famous designers are creating their own trendy garments and introduce to the world market with their models through catwalks. Most of such designs have been accepted by the customers and sells in high quantity. Nowadays, half of such designs are a re-introduction from the past. Designers are looking to the history of fashion trends to get rare ethnical, traditional and tribal designs, and combine it with their new design to give
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Compared to this being trendy is simple, it’s only about up to date the latest trends fashion. It only needs to follow a fashion website or magazine. If a person is ignorant about style, trend won’t make him look good. One can be both trendy and stylish at the same time.

Men ignore the fashion world?
In the history of fashion, women paid a great deal of attention on what they wear, more than men. But by 20th century , the gender boundry in fashion wiped off. Present moment, men also well following the latest fashion trends and updating their wardrobes with wide range of varieties.
Actually, analysing men’s fashion is bit difficult, like dealing with a complexity. Today some of them are looking pretty unusual radical than others. They are innovating different amazing ways to attract people, other than clothing or dressing. The weird trends like shaving hair in different animal shapes, put tattoos in shaven head etc.already gets attention in men’s fashion world. That means, the above complexity I said, is constantly changing and adjusting to the surrounding tendencies.
Women and
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